Washington Square Portraits

Washington Square Portraits is a collection of photographic and verbal portraits of the fascinating characters that 'frequent' Washington Square Park. The manuscript has artistic depth as well as historical and sociological significance. It reveals the unique culture and personalities of Washington Square Park as well as offering a glimpse into the richness of New York City life.

Artistically, the portraits achieve an unusually high level of intimacy. The Park "regulars" were encouraged to explain their often strange and sometimes shocking ways of life. The integrity of the process gave the subjects an opportunity to express a certain shape and meaning to their relationship with Washington Square Park; a meaning often ignored by the world outside the Park.

Americans are drawn to the excitement of New York City and to presentations of the almost mythic bohemian society of Greenwich Village -- especially Washington Square Park. But the daring, sometimes frightening alternative possibilities conjured up by the words "Washington Square Park" flourished well back in the 20th Century and have been fading ever since. This collection brings an important part of that mythic bohemian world back to life and offers everyone a chance to experience its excitement from the inside as a participant, a "regular."